ZUMBA® Fitness is the latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has spread across the world.
When I took this video almost 5 years ago, I had no idea the ZUMBA program would become a worldwide phenomenon, presently with 12,000,000 class participants a week in over 125 countries!
After watching this video, it's easy to see why!
To experience a live ZUMBA® class, or to find an instructor near you, you should visit www.zumba.com.

First I had seen or heard of ZUMBA® was when I filmed this at The Tampa Bay Linedance Classic in November 2006. It is COOL!
Junior Willis, Guyton Mundy & his Pop Shop kids are loving it. And watch injured Stella Cabecca at the back! She couldn't have recovered quicker if she had gone to Lourdes!!
The instructor at the front (Tanya Beardsley) is AWESOME!!
(Video by Nigel AMON)

The instructor's name is TANYA BEARDSLEY. She is a Master Trainer for Zumba.
Although currently residing In St. Pete's, Florida, she is moving to New York City on 21st January (2008), where she will be trying to grow the Zumba program in New England.
She is co-host of the 2008 Zumba dvds, due to be released this month (Jan 2008) thru a Guthy Renker infomercial.
If you wish to contact Tanya or require more information, her email address is [email protected] and her website is www.zumbafied.com.



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41 thoughts on “ZUMBA® Fitness!!!

  1. Edinson Rincon says:

    TANYA ¡¡¡¡¡FANTASTICA!!!!!!!!

  2. Breanna Johnson says:

    I do this everyday. So much fun. 🙂 & I can see the changes in my body. It’s so exciting!

  3. alonghaircountryboy says:

    see? this is why men don’t do zumba. not only are the dance routines themselves made for women (I’m not positive I could make my hips do that at all…) but our presence in the class translates to immediate spectacle

    1. Tawn Singh says:

      +Kincső Varga
      Yes!!!! Men’s hips CAN move like that…they just need practice!!! Panamanian men can do it!!!!!!!

    2. alonghaircountryboy says:

      +Tawn Singh I can make my hips move like that, I just don’t like to do it when people are watching

    3. Bonny Marra says:

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    4. Rosemary Mundt says:

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    5. Tiffany Birt says:

      zumba was “created” by a man…a very straight man…pretty sure it’s not just for woman

  4. MurkTactics says:

    looks like a hell of a workout

    1. Johny Pheels says:

      I also joined the club – > badassbutton.com/32fatlossspring14-click-here

  5. Jimmy Darmody says:

    In Europe , mostly fat chicks do that.

    1. Ifrah Shirwa says:

      well its fat chicks who are trying to lose weight :/

  6. KatameDo says:

    This is off the hook!!! Woot!!
    The moves are not “made for women.” I’m as white boy as they come and I can do everything she did. Men CAN move their hips like this. Trust me!!! Don’t let that stop you!! Even if you can’t do exactly what she is doing it’s OK! The whole point of Zumba is getting a great workout while having crazy fun. I’d much rather be in a Zumba class FULL OF WOMEN than an aerobics, spin or solo cardio workout. I can’t understand why more men in the U.S. don’t dance either. Women who dance out number guys 10/1 easily. That is an endless supply of dance partners. I’ve enjoyed dancing since it could walk. Having natural rhythm helped, but even if I had two left feet, that wouldn’t stop me. Women find guys that dance, sexy. Get out there and shake it!!!!

  7. Carina Aythana says:

    Love Tanya, she is dancing with 100% of her soul…

  8. Sylvie Bilegue says:

    Only the girl with the pink is great

  9. CarmyCarmify says:

    who’s the instructor? She’s really good. Not a lot of instructors can teach Zumba and make it fun. She can do it very well. I would like to see more videos with her as the instructor. 😀 Great job everyone in the video! 

    1. Layla Bishop says:

      Tanya Beardsley.

    2. CarmyCarmify says:

      +Alice D I like how she instructs. Where does she have classes? What state?

    3. Amy Martone says:

      +CarmyCarmify Unfortunately, Tanya isn’t with Zumba any longer.  She left a year or 2 ago…

    4. Layla Bishop says:

      But I thought she came back there’s videos of her from this year?

  10. Mila de la Paz says:


    1. Magdalena says:

      Mila de la Paz what happened? Did she died?

    2. Riazkhan Riazkhan says:

      Mila de la Paz ck

    3. Magdalena says:

      Mila de la Paz what happened?

  11. zumbajobritton says:

    The great and powerful Tanya Beardsley. Always on my  mind, ever thankful for your gifts to me and for all the lives you’ve touched.

  12. Katie Chan says:

    daniel james howell i s2g

  13. Nicole T. says:

    Wtf Dan Howell

  14. xquiet01x says:

    can anyone post the name of the second song please

    1. Luciane Zumba says:

      hips dont lie

    2. Cynthia Cui says:

      what’s the first song?

    3. Riazkhan Riazkhan says:

      xquiet01x xx

  15. aphrodite dean says:

    *facepalm* Daniel James Howell why am i not even surprised XD

    1. omgubler says:

      I’m very confused, is Dan in this somehow? I found this video from googling his name?

    2. omgubler says:

      Is it in his liked videos or something?

    3. Rayanne says:

      He tweeted this video to Phil once in response to Phil’s tweet about some guy sat next to him who kept saying “Zumba”

  16. Judy Mooney says:

    still only one Tanya B

  17. NiK MinTeR says:

    My first Zumba video years ago and boy did it work…down -30lbs

  18. Gwyndolin says:


  19. James Rovnak says:

    The Greatest Zumba teacher of all times & 46 million agree with me! Dance on Tanya for many more trips around Our sun!

    1. Laura Rader says:

      Tanya is why I started Zumba-ing over 5 years ago. An awesome young woman with incredible talent and spirit and soul.

  20. Rhonda says:

    This is by far the best dancer Zumba EVER had. Period.

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