Your bladder doesn’t have to run your life. Experts share their tips for getting a handle on overactive bladder, whether it’s through lifestyle changes, bladder retraining, or medications.


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6 thoughts on “Treating Overactive Bladder

  1. Google User says:

    OMG medicine has become a trade.
    First of all no need for Kegel exercise , medicine or the stupid surgical implant to treat overactive bladder.

  2. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl says:

    I have had an overactive bladder for about 15 years, i have seen the doctors about it but all they can determine is that i fully empty my bladder, so i have been told to live with it. I have been fired from jobs because i have to pee all the time, and i cant go out or make friends because i always need the bathroom. It has completely over run my life. As far as kegels i am the kegel champion, i do yoni eggs, and vaginal exercises i have a tight vagina and complete control over that area, so why am i not noticing improvements with my bladder!? I read something about people doing too many kegels or vaginal exercises and actually making things too tight and increasing the urge to urinate. That made me nervous so i stopped doing kegels, but whether i do them or not i have never noticed a difference. I have to pee the moment i wipe or pull my pants up. I literally have to go constantly. If i really hold it i can make 30min and at my absolute best 1 hour. I have never made it through a movie without having to go at least twice. So if a person cannot hold it for longer than 30 min max, and has done the kegels for years, what else is there? I don’t want to try adult diapers i’m scared if i allow myself to use that, i wont have any control anymore, and my brain will think it’s fine to just pee anytime Honestly i have so many health issues this just gets swept under the rug as my chronic pain seems to take center stage. im so tired of all of this. wish i could just have my damn bladder surgically removed. All i can do is dehydrate myself for a day or more if i need to make it to an appt.

    1. Healthgrades says:

      I wish I could help you, but unfortunately we aren’t doctors and can’t provide medical advice. However, we can connect you to doctors that can help at Or, if you just want advice from people like you that have been through something similar, check out Best of luck getting this resolved! -Amelia

    2. Jh T says:

      NymphetaminexXxGrrrl I had similar issues as a child,,I was alittle overweight and had leaky bladder,,just laughing would cause me to pee,,,I figured out later in my life what causes the overactive bladder in the first place,,,,it comes from the body being too Acidic…you practically have to avoid most foods,and eat only raw fresh fruits/veggies .you have to watch your PH-levels… hopefully if you haven’t been put on any meds yet,there is hope for change…and don’t focus too much about your weight if you are overweight right now,,just start fasting,that’s different from dieting…get the toxins out of your system for at least 10 days become a vegan..don’t mix anything,,eat all fruits separate ,veg’s etc,,no dressings,,all bland food ,no additives,,blend food down to liquid heal faster the less work your digestive tract has to will be amazed if you can detox and fast for 10 days like this,,your body will feel brand new,,and your bladder will restrenthen….I’m surprised it doesn’t burn when you pee,,,cuz that’s what happened to me after I had overactive bladder it began hurting.if you detox,,all of that will heal.good luck!

    3. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl says:

      I was actually underweight when the problem started, and have since gained weight but i was 16 and 100 pounds when it started, for the most part i do eat 80% vegetables in my diet either raw, steamed, tossed in oil, etc.. with small portions of meat, no pasta, no junk food. I actually love vegetables, and garden my own. I will look into the acidity ph to see if perhaps you’re right. I sure won’t be happy if i have to start eating bland food i eat mostly asian or indian cuisine lots of curries, seafood and spicy vegetables. I have had the occasional burning before but i use special toilet paper and baby wipes so that nothing gets over irritated. The only other possible lead i have is that it started when i quit drinking. Which really makes no sense because alcohol usually makes people urinate more so quitting drinking would only make sense if it was anxiety related and i haven’t noticed any anxiety patterns so it could be coincidence. Other than that i think i eat pretty healthy, maybe my portions are a little large but i will investigate the ph levels you mentioned. thanks!

    4. Ingrid Dionne says:

      NymphetaminexXxGrrrl so what do you think it is that keeps you having a over active bladder? I think a man is because I’m overweight cuz obesity is an issue with people with all overactive bladders

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