Keto and HPA Axis Dysregulation, Antibiotic Prophylaxis, Exercise and Lack of Sleep for Moms | THRR011

Make your health an act of rebellion and join the community here. Please Subscribe and Review: Apple Podcasts | RSS Kettle & Fire makes the first USDA approved, shelf stable bone broth made with grass fed AND finished beef bones and organic pasture raised chicken bones. They are committed to making healthy food accessible to… Continue Reading ...
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Controlling the Chaos of Training in CrossFit

We kick off our first podcast of 2020 with James Fitzgerald. He has over 20 years of experience as a strength coach, is a CrossFit games champion and is the founder of OPEX.   No better way to kick of 2020's podcasts than with one a coach who has gained worldwide respect because of the effort he has shown in pursuing and realizing the best in strength and conditioning training.    read more ...
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Body Odor, Egg Sensitivity, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | LIVE Call: THRR010

Make your health an act of rebellion and join the community here. Please Subscribe and Review: Apple Podcasts | RSS This episode of The Healthy Rebellion Radio is sponsored by Vital Farms. Eating clean? Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Ghee is lactose-, casein- and gluten-free. Equipping you with the taste of butter and the functionality of a… Continue Reading ...
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5 Effective and Simple Upper Body Strength Routines

Here are five sure-fire upper body routines that can be a part of any strength, power, weight-loss, and/or general fitness program. I’ve also attached recording forms for you to log your workouts. There are thousands of ways to resistance train. Provided you work hard and safely, document the results, allow enough recovery time between workouts, and then train progressively, resistance training will work within your genetic endowment and nutritional intake habits.   read more ...
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