The Industrial Food System

In the early 1970’s US president Richard Nixon enacted two changes that would have striking impact on future generations: Removed the US from the gold standard. This would herald the end of sound, long term economic development, and shift the whole world into a debt based system of fiat currency.  Enacted an aggressive program of… Continue Reading ...
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The Sick Care System

Sick Care System /sik ker ˈsistəm/ noun The standard westernized healthcare system.  A proposed system of health care maintenance that was better informed in terms of information, yet produced remarkably poor results.  The 20th century saw perhaps the greatest improvements in human health in all of history (with some notable caveats). This was due in… Continue Reading ...
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Build a Bigger Back With This Single Arm Breakthrough

Don’t get me wrong, pronated wide grip pulldowns are a good exercise, but they aren’t ideal to train the lats. If you struggle to build a thick, wide back it is probably not because your program sucks. The answer is likely much simpler than that—your technique is crap and you cannot develop a mind-muscle connection (MMC) with the muscles of the back.   read more ...
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The Information Monopolies

Google, don’t be Evil. Please.   The internet era created arguably the greatest access to information and ideas that humanity has ever experienced.  However, this ability to share information, tinker, and experiment, has loosened the hold that governments, corporations, and academia have on the populace at large.  Recently, this freedom has become a precarious thing… The… Continue Reading ...
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15 Exercise Tips For People Over 50

Here are some exercises that you can try if you are getting into training over the age of 50. They're pretty good for any age, covering strength, core, and balance. Our bodies begin to change drastically after fifty: a more rapid decline in bone density and a greater loss in coordination and motor control. Fortunately, in most cases, all of these things can be slowed or reversed with the implementation of a good fitness program. It’s great to have strength or weight loss goals at this age, but, most importantly, it is the goal to protect one's physical independence.    read more ...
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The Healthy Rebellion Has Begun

I’m pretty excited for what I’m about to tell you… First, let me say that I absolutely love helping people. It’s been the driving force behind everything I’ve done in my career over the past 20+ years. But this past year something has changed… In fact, I’ve been secretly hating life as I’ve diligently answered… Continue Reading ...
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