The Dukan Diet & How It Works

“Every individual who looks to lose weight wants to do so quickly. It is possible, but oftentimes difficult and even harder to maintain. Mostly, this is because the diet that you may be on is puts you in a state of hunger. This is what the Dukan diet promises – rapid, permanent weight loss without […] The post The Dukan Diet & How It Works appeared first on HyperActivz. ...
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Getting Into The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet has been popular among the population for a while now. Decades, in fact. The concept behind it is having to eat specific amounts of protein, carbs, and fat with each meal. This is to help reduce the overall inflammation of the body. However, like most fad diets, there has been push back […] The post Getting Into The Zone Diet appeared first on HyperActivz. ...
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Episode 433 – Q&A with Robb and Nicki #26

We’re back on a roll with Episode 433, Q&A #26! Submit your own questions for the podcast at: If you want to see the video for this podcast, be sure to check out our YouTube channel.   Show Notes: 1. Enzymes and IBS? [3:32] Ken says: Talk to us about enzymes Robb. I’ve played… Continue Reading ...
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Supplements for Your Summer Shred

Summer is fast approaching and everyone has goals they want to reach safely and maintain for the long-term. The supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA. Unfortunately, it leaves very little to be trusted because the supplement industry as a whole isn’t exactly forthcoming with information. Having had a frightening discussion with my gastroenterologist about the use of pre-workout and certain protein powders, I swore to stay off of anything remotely close to what I was taking before.   read more ...
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Slay the Dragon: Techniques to Conquer Fear

It’s about changing your impression of what difficult is, and who you are when you meet it. It’s easy to see its green scales when you’re shining a light on a competition platform. It may be your first competition, or maybe your third. You’re in a chair in the back, but you can see the barbell they’re loading for your attempt. The tail of the dragon is laying on your barbell, keeping the treasure from your view. You can’t think what it would be like to take the prize. All you can feel is the fear of facing the dragon.   read more ...
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