HIIT versus HIRT

Your feelings don't matter! The higher the intensity, the less likely it is to feel "good." It's smart training and did we mention, your feelings don't matter.   Your feelings don’t matter! That is, your subjective feeling of the effectiveness of a workout is not important as what science tells us is important to building an impressive base of endurance and changing your body composition. A common training method is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). read more ...
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What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are specs or gel-like fluid that surrounds your eyes and moves along with the movement of the eyeballs. What causes eye floaters? In case you are wondering what can cause eye floaters, listed below are major causes of eye floaters known: Age-Related It is believed that eye floaters are common after age 50 […] The post What Are Eye Floaters? appeared first on HyperActivz. ...
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Using 4 Billion Years of Nature’s Research to Fight Obesity

Nanotechnologists using tiny balls of engineered cellulose fibers added to food reduced fat absorption by half in lab and animal experiments. Chemical intervention is about unsavory as it sounds, although it is often the only choice science and pharmacologists provide for some ailments. Professor Philip Demokritou, Director of Harvard's Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology believes that we can learn more from nature and use more nature-inspired and derived materials because we have 4 billion years of free R&D there. read more ...
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