The 7 Minute Workout is the training offered by a study at the McMaster University that showed that high-intensity 7-minute are sufficient for:

– Burning fat more quickly
– Maximizing caloric consumption
– Training the muscles of the whole body,
– Improving health by reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

One of the best home gym workouts designed to tone your body and lose maximum fat in the shortest period of time possible.


The exercises from training allow you to increase glucose absorption capacity, aerobic strength and cardio vascular functions.

The high intensity cardio routine is fast, simple to perform and doesn't require any equipment. A fast circuit that will train: legs, butt, abs, arms, chest, shoulders and back, a simple workout of 7 minute for a full body tune up.


The 7 Minute Workout is a "scientific" training that minimizes the time it takes to reach good physical shape from all points of view.

The video guide (with timer) illustrate 12 simple exercises that can be done anywhere! You can do the workout at home, it is practical since no equipment is necessary (just a simple chair) and is fast since it only lasts 7 minutes. In addition, to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the workout just repeat the workout.

The video offers a virtual personal trainer who, step by step, guides you in the execution of the exercises, indicating the execution times and the interludes, and also highlighting the possible errors of execution of the exercises.

The virtual personal trainer motivate and guide you to focus and get the most out of exercises.

The exercises provided by the 7 minute workout are 12:

1 – jumping jacks (aerobic exercise)
2 – wall squats (for legs and buttocks)
3 – push-ups (for arm muscles, chest and shoulders)
4 – crunches (for abs)
5 – step up (for legs and buttocks)
6 – squats (for legs and buttocks)
7 – triceps dips
8 – plank (for abs and flat tummy)
9 – high knee run (cardio and abdomen)
10 – lunges (legs)
11 – Side plank (oblique muscles – hips)
12 – pushups with rotation (to train arms, chest and shoulders)

Just 7 minutes a day to burn fat, rev-up the metabolism, build strength and muscle and improve healt.

Important. Warnings and conditions:

Before undertaking any physical activity it is important to consult a doctor. The 7 Minute Workout video is not meant to substitute for the guidance of a professional in the industry and is designed simply for illustrative purposes. So it is you who must choose how often, when and how to train in full awareness and with full responsibility. Special caution is necessary for pregnant women and minors.


The 7 Minute Workot video is created for LumoWell / LumoFit project by Ego360

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84 thoughts on “7 Minute Workout to lose weight fast, burn fat and tone your body

  1. Ruby X says:

    idk why I enjoyed just watching this video , and imagining myself doing it

    1. Alyssa Burns says:

      Ruby X SAME

    2. JiminandJoshuawant17KARDs says:


  2. Chai _waalii says:

    I’m eating cupcakes while watching this..

    1. Chloe G says:

      TOMBOY .S 😂 sane

    2. Anya Payne says:

      TOMBOY .S lol

    3. Clara Edede says:


    4. q8_fatfota Fatooma says:

      Im eating bananas

  3. Laila Browning says:

    i thinking im dieing i cant breath some1 call the furenal home

    1. Antonija äger! says:

      Laila Browning hahahahha the funeral home

    2. ForeverNailLover says:

      +Skrrtskrrt LIL PEEP😍

    3. Alexis Richmond says:


  4. CrazyGirlGamer says:

    my knees are dead from that wall squat 😂

    1. Hael Oh says:

      Me too lol

    2. Grace Ogolla says:

      CrazyGirlGamer same lol

    3. løvely says:

      CrazyGirlGamer Ikr, I couldn’t even stand up even though I used to do gymnastics

  5. Irene Hernandez says:

    i’m going to start eating healthier, running, being more active. i am overweight for my age and height. please wish me luck 🙂

    1. Unnat Jain says:

      Irene Hernandez good luck! You’re good this way too

    2. i Maddy says:

      me too.

    3. Mariam r says:

      All the best. In shaa Allah ,you can do it

    4. Trying to reach 1000 subscribers without any video says:

      Irene Hernandez all the best!! Im gonna do it too

  6. Drippy Drop says:

    Boutta try this…..I’ll update yall in like 2 weeks…Wish me luck

    1. ishra bani says:

      Drippy Drop sooo

    2. laxman khatri says:

      How’d you go did you see any changes if your diet was clean too?

    3. Brianna Hall-Forkl says:


  7. aicel grace castillo says:

    my mother tell me that i can’t do it because i’m too chubby,but i tell my self that i can do that no matter what they say……..

    1. angelina Mays says:

      It will be difficult at first but be consistent and you’ll get it. Don’t let anyone discourage you

    2. raya Smith says:

      aicel grace castillo good luck

    3. Mango Tree says:

      …kind mother🤔

    4. MeMes ArE LiT says:

      Wow mother of the year

  8. Anime Army says:

    *I’m lying on my bed pretending am doing it*

    1. Mindy Rochelle says:

      OMG ME TOO

    2. Ms. González says:

      oh my goodd your profile is sebastiaaannn

    3. Kanza Rashid says:

      Barry Rodriguez hey Dear Can you plz help me out whats this diet…?

    4. syeda samreen says:

      even me feeling tired watchng it😂😂

  9. you kill my vibes says:

    I watched this at first to see what I’ll be doing before I do it and as I was watching I was eating pizza and then at 5min I got up and whent and got Carmel popcorn then it was over then I said ok I can do this I get up off my bed I fall over I get up again and says that’s a part of and exercise lol😂😂 so I started the video and 2 minutes later I was on the floor past out for real my mom and my little sister walked in and sister came over to me and started to poke me my mom said stop poking her my mom got a cup of freezing cold water and slashed it on me I woke up and said POWER TO THE PEOPLE WE NEED EXERCISE then I said in a low voice i said mom what happened…? Lol I will never forget that day😂😂😂😂

    1. The Balkan Mapper says:


    2. MeMes ArE LiT says:

      Pictures or it didn’t happen

    3. umair ali says:

      you kill my vibes i

    4. ELM & says:

      yeah, i seriously doubt any of that happened.

  10. Sua sss says:

    I’m doing this from today on.. Give it a like, if you want an update 🙂

    1. Miriana Koleva says:

      hows it going so far

    2. Serendipity says:

      Wheres the update lmao

    3. Miguel Chavez Jr says:

      Sua sss update?

    4. Ninni v says:


  11. Manma Souare says:

    Thanks for all the help this video really help with me although I’m sweating all over my face it doesn’t matter because sweatiness before greatness right? And yeah I would really like more videos like these it is really helping me!!

    1. StonePrincess5 says:

      Me too🤗

    2. Destini R says:

      Manma Souare how much did u lose doing this

  12. KING-CHAN says:

    I am gonna try this starting today for ONE WEEK! only😖😨😧😩

    1. Sille_og _ponyerne says:

      around 50 i think and i just it what i normaly will eat in a day

    2. Zinzi Eigenberg says:

      caringmileven on youtube well I’m going to high school next year, and everyone who also leaves my school goes on summer camp. And we are going to swim with my class and it’s over 46 days/ 6 weeks. And I think I’m going to place this in my morning routine so I can become pretty for camp & high school

  13. ☁ColorfulCloud🌈 says:

    Please stop saying “I will update” and then not follow through with it. It’s so irritating.

    1. Thuy-Anh G. says:

      Ebonyaa Lol but then wouldn’t they get a bunch of notifications from people asking?? lol

    2. Barry Rodriguez says:

      Here’s a great diet plan that you could use to lose a lot of weight fast:

    3. Kiuuya Miyuu says:

      Tbh this person can do what they want, getting mad really does not so anything, but then again, u can also do what you want, although choosing to say this might not change anything… But I mean, this is not personal, so why get mad… Well idk…. Do whatever u want

  14. Mema Del Rey says:

    Lots of fun, thank you. I liked the bells counting down,

    1. Avery Jones says:


    2. Manish kumar says:

      In how many days or weeks ??

  15. 카일라 ᄏᄏᄏ says:

    Me trying to be healthy for once

    1. Goldsoultheory says:

      I feel you 😂😂😂

    2. Fernando Duarte says:

      카일라 ᄏᄏᄏ

    3. BTS ARMY says:


  16. Tania Palma says:

    I lost 3 pounds

    1. Evelyn Miletinova says:

      Well done!

    2. XPLR - E says:

      Really, great

    3. I Love Tsum Tsum's says:

      Tania Palma for how many months did u do this for?

    4. Reese Kuretich says:

      Tania Palma from thos one time

  17. - galaxy livzzard - says:

    Another good thing that helps you lose weight is to drink a large cup of water or juice with a full tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into it. Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. sabster79 says:

      _theJazzie_ Yes! I drink raw apple cider vinegar too, in water with honey.

    2. Unknown Anon says:

      – galaxy livzzard – Why? What’s it do?

    3. KlMBAPll KlDDlNG says:

      – galaxy livzzard – v

    4. Erin Milligan says:

      Does it not taste discusting

  18. Barnacle Boy says:

    I just did it and planning on doing this for a month. I’ll make updates how is it going.
    Also, if you want, leave a like and 1 like = 1 day without any junk food

    1. Tucker Webb says:

      I think they lied

    2. MithuJunior says:

      E. L. Jaeger 73 days without junk food 😂 (good luck)

    3. Nasreen Khan says:

      Hey fatty

    4. MMONLY says:


  19. Fahmi Hoque says:

    whenever my Mom or anyone used to pass during the exercise…I’ll just suddenly stop…i dunno why but it’s so embarrassing

    1. JelenaVEVO says:


    2. Eme says:

      soooo relatable i dont want them to watch me and think is she loosing weight?

    3. I don’t have a good name says:


    4. DcGangster Rockstar says:

      Fahmi Hoque SAME

  20. Manshi Sinha says:

    It’s so good to see so many conscious of their health. All the best all of you.
    When you’d be getting distracted think about why you started.

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