How to Get That Elusive Spark Used to Push Limits

It’s easy to get carried away by emotion and let it control you instead of using the energy of it toward a singular effort. The first gym I trained at looked like a set from a 80's action movie. From the outside, it looked like an old stone mill. Every member was given a key to get in and train whatever time of day or night you wanted. At the entrance, there was a table with a boombox, CD cases, and a clipboard to sign in with the date and time.   read more ...
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Dad Doesn’t Realize This Famous Comedian Is In The Background

As Alex grew more and more impatient, the man standing in front of him turned and smiled to lighten the mood. It didn’t take long before the stranger and Alex were making small talk and sharing why they had been drawn to Montauk. But as the conversation drew on and the line slowly moved, a […] The post Dad Doesn’t Realize This Famous Comedian Is In The Background appeared first on HyperActivz. ...
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The Healthy Rebellion Manifesto

“The only way to deal with an unhealthy world is to become so absolutely healthy that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” —The Healthy Rebellion (adapted from Albert Camus) The Healthy Rebellion is a new community. A new network of like-minded people. I created The Healthy Rebellion (THR) to bring together the people… Continue Reading ...
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5 Foolproof Ways to Build Muscular Shoulders

There’s no need to overcomplicate things—packing on muscle for powerful and healthy shoulders can be simple. Your shoulders say everything about you—from the mid-level office employee sitting in his cubicle 9 to 5 with rounded shoulders to the powerful high-level executive standing erect as he leads meetings—your shoulders define how others perceive you.   Tiny narrow shoulders make you look weak and timid—like Bambi.   Massive broad shoulders make you look powerful and confident—like Superman.   If you’re reading this, you and I know two things:   read more ...
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